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Mackinac Island Ferry Company

Mackinac Island Ferry Company

Getting to Mackinac Island is as much fun as being there on our fast rooster tail hydro-jet® ferry boats! Mackinac Island Ferry Company is undisputedly the most trusted, longest-running, and only locally-owned and operated ferry service – serving Mackinac Island since 1878. We provide reliable and year-round service to Mackinac Island.
Named #1 Island in the Continental US by Travel + Leisure, Mackinac Island remains the Emerald Gem of the Great Lakes and continues to be a favorite destination for groups around the world.
What you’ll get when you ride with us:

• The most affordable tickets
• The most trips back and forth out of Mackinaw City & St. Ignace
• The most trips under the Mackinac Bridge
• Free shuttles to and from docks, motels, and campgrounds
• The only ferry service with the best parking options - including valet parking
• A way to skip the lines with priority boarding
• Children under age 4 and pets ride free
• Friendliest service

Save time & money by ordering tickets online.

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7271 Main St, Mackinac Island, MI 49757

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