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Haan's 1830 Inn

Haan’s 1830 Inn

Haan's 1830 Inn is located just a few blocks east from downtown, which allows our guests convenient location with a quieter setting.

​Deluxe continental breakfast is served every morning at our twelve-person table. Meet other travelers and hear stories from innkeepers about the island and the inn. For the more independent traveler breakfast seating is also in the parlor, and we are happy to see guests eat outside on the porches as well.

We encourage a Mackinac Island spirit - the desire to disconnect and escape to a different time. Games are available in the parlor for family evening activities, as well as a collection of books available for guest use. We do have free wireless internet but do note that the bandwidth is just right for answering emails and sharing photos, not great for streaming movies. We do not have television sets, as we hope our guests can escape from the technology that distracts us every day.

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6806 Main St, Mackinac Island, MI 49757

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